Especially popular in western part of Japan stemming from the Kansai region, the closest way to describe “Okonomiyaki” may be to call it as a Japanese incarnation of pizza or savory crepe. Fresh vegetables, meat, fish and/or shellfish are mixed into the batter and poured onto the griddle. Once it is thoroughly cooked, a special sauce – together with mayonnaise – is brushed on top along with a topping of dried bonito flakes to perfect the dish. Okonomiyaki has been craved by many tourists who’s had the dish in Japan, and we are excited to bring the authentic Fugetsu Okonomiyaki to our customers in the US!

Cabbage Takes the Center Stage

Giant knives chops up the cabbages.

Because Okonomiyaki is made from various kinds of ingredients, such as eggs, meat and vegetables, it contains much of our daily nutritional requirements. At “Tsuruhashi Fugestu” especially, we use a large amount of cabbage with its abundance of dietary fiber. This fiber has the ability to “remove” excessive fat, salt and cholesterol from the food you take in.

A heavy giant knife with its blade spanning more than 20 inches are used to cut the cabbages. Its weight allows chefs to chop up cabbages without overly damaging its fiber content. The amount of moisture in cabbage differs depending upon the season. So, at “Tsuruhashi Fugestu”, in order to maintain the great taste and texture of the cabbage we use, we adjust the way we cut it in accordance with the season. In this way, our Okonomiyaki always tastes great!

Can’t Miss the Noodles

Noodles are cooked within 10 minutes after being boiled to preserve its flavor.

Boiling times are adjusted depending on the condition of the noodles that day.

Another signature dish at Fugetsu is “Yakisoba” (stir fry noodles). The biggest characteristics of the noodle is its thickness, measuring over 1/8″ after being boiled. The smooth surface and solid but mochi-like texture is so favorable that one can enjoy the noodle right out of the boiling pot.