We will try to answer most frequently asked questions about our restaurant or okonomiyaki here. If you have any additional questions, contact us at info@fugetsu-usa.com.

Q1: Why aren’t you having the customers cook okonomiyaki by themselves since you have a griddle in each table?

okonomiIt is true that in some okonomiyaki restaurants in Japan and elsewhere, customers are able to cook by themselves at the table. While that may be entertaining for some, our number one focus is to deliver the best okonomiyaki as we know straight to our customers. Therefore although we have a griddle in each of the tables, its sole purpose is to keep our food warm and fresh after the chefs cook them to perfection. 

This is even true in our stores across Japan, and the only difference is that okonomiyaki is cooked at each of the table as opposed to the open kitchen we have in our store here. While we would have liked to do that as well, unfortunately there are number of regulations and logistical hurdles that make it much harder to achieve that here. Therefore at least for the time being, we feel that cooking by the open kitchen and brining them to you fresh onto a heated griddle is the best solution.

Q2: Why does it take so long to cook okonomiyaki?

持つだけでずっしりした重量感。鋭い切れ味のスイカ包丁を使用By turning up the griddle temperature and flipping back and forth more often, it is possible to speed up the cooking time. However at Fugetsu, our chefs are trained to minimize the number of flipping in order to get the most nutrition and sweetness out of the cabbage by slowly grilling them and encapsulating the moisture within okonomiyaki. The griddle temperature is optimized to get the right crispness on the outside but at the same time keeping the softness inside.

One of the signatures of our okonomiyaki is the amount of cabbage we use – which can be over 20-30% of a typical recipe. This is yet another reason why our okonomiyaki may take longer than others you may have had elsewhere.

We take pride in bringing the same okonomiyaki that are served in our 70+ store in Japan to the US. As a business we definitely want to shorten the cooking time to server as many customers as possible, but we choose not to compromise the quality in exchange.